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So you say you know which the most spectacular motorsport in the world is...What would you say If I asked you to reconsider what you've believed so far? You'd say you needed some solid arguments to back my claim up, right? Well, watching a season of MotoGP unfold in its entirety will most probably give you many more arguments than I ever could. Most of the time words fall short of accurately depicting all the action and drama that takes place on a MotoGP circuit. I say start watching it, you'll understand what I'm talking about. If you have any love for the wonderful machines that motorcycles are, wacthing this sport is the thing to satisfy your thirst for action...


Of all the things in the world, what would you consider to be the very symbol of utter freedom? If riding out into the sunset with wind in the hair on a mildly purring hog spells freedom for you, then you've come to the right place. Leaving the lanscape by, swiftly yet effortlessly, being able to look into the reality of a certain place without actually being a part of it, is something so extraordinary only those who have tried it can really understand what it's all about. Being untouchable and out of the reach of commoners who drive cars or walk around, having the power to leave everything behind and face new horizons is something gods must've experienced in acient times. Having to stop, is what the loss of divinity must've been like...


Motorcycle-riding, as enjoyable an activity as it is, can turn into a bloody, messy nightmare in a matter of a few tenths of seconds. Every rider should be aware of this fact and adopt a road-attitude tuned to prevent any type of in-traffic incidents. Remember, when riding a bike every small contact every tiny unexpected event can have repercussions far exceeding those that might affect someone riding in a car. Rider awareness is probably the most important aspect of motorcycle safety. There are official programs in place to raise awareness, rider education courses and public information programs. Information is power. Learn to protect yourself, it might the best investment you’ll ever make…

On a bike, what you wear can mean the difference between life and death.