Motorsports are generally well known for their spectacular nature derived from the high speed action and the level of danger this generates. A motorsports lover, however – besides being an adrenaline-junkie type person - is always a bit of a gambler too.

One who’s truly “into the action” cannot help trying to guess who the next race’s winner shall be and what chances this or that or the other driver has to finish a race in a certain position.

All this is something quite natural, and lots of motorsports fans figure why not try to make some money – putting their race knowledge to use – and thus have even more fun watching the race itself.

Motorsport races are widely bet on, specially leading motorsports like Formula one, and most sportsbooks and online sportsbooks feature odds on them. In previous Formula one seasons it might have appeared that the odds were stacked quite high for one driver or another – and they really were - thus taking much of the suspense out of Formula one betting, however this season it would appear that fans are treated to one of the closest Formula one seasons ever, both in terms of the drivers’ championship and the constructor’s general standings.

The fan who decides to get into motorsports betting, however, has a myriad of problems to tackle. Handicapping for these races is a science in its own right, and without a thorough handicapping, chances to constantly bet the winner and thus make the whole thing profitable, are rather slim.

Some variables involved in Formula one handicapping are:

  1. Tracks. Is a particular track – based on past runs - friendly to one team or another?

  2. Drivers’ history on the given track. Here a whole lot of other factors also come into play. If the track is in one driver’s home country the positive pressure on the given driver is high, thus raising his chances for a better placement.

  3. Current team shape. Is the team benefiting from a state of the art engine or is it momentarily technologically behind the competition. This also influences pit-crews’ morale which is quite important when it comes to a speedy tire change and refueling.

  4. Driver’s current morale. Also influenced by several factors such as winning spree, good placement spree, health state etc.

The above are only a few of the things that a good handicapper has to have knowledge of, before the start of any particular race. Whether one is a big enough fan and gambler to go through all the trouble thoroughly handicapping a race before placing the bets, one thing is certain: the good old proverb “ no pain no gain” (as in no handicapping no winning) remains as valid as ever.

The world motorbike championship (also known as MotoGP – named after the GP class but also including the 125cc and 250 cc classes) is widely accepted as the most spectacular racing sport around. Though its popularity is no match to that of Formula one the amount of action that takes place on the circuit in a relatively short period of time makes it more spectacular and a lot more interesting from a race-betting point of view.

So much so, as a matter of fact, that watching a race live, can give a more sensitive and square bettor something close to a heart-attack. The number of overtakings - sometimes several in a single curve – make this sport one of the least predictable ones.

The technological advantage – a huge, almost almighty factor in Formula one – though existent, is much less of a decider in MotoGP. The skills of the rider, the physical shape he’s in, the will to risk everything for victory, his guts and last but not least his luck determine in great measure the outcome of any one race.

The fact that we coupled the MotoGP betting theme with a poker one in the adjacent picture is by no means a work of chance. The two have some – rather important – features in common. Poker is often surrounded by a debate regarding whether it is a game of chance or more of a game of skill. Well poker IS a game of chance. And one of skill as well. As a matter of fact skill is so much of a player in poker that it alone can force lady luck to act the player’s way. .

The situation is pretty much the same in MotoGP race betting. A thorough handicapping can make a bettor’s day just as much as a poor one can break it.

The variables involved are numerous and it takes a serious attitude and knowhow to accurately joggle them around (the same ones mentioned above at F1 betting are also valid here plus a whole bunch of others)

MotoGP betting needs a lot more in-depth analysis then other sports. One has to get to the point where he almost personally knows each rider. Though there is a pack of clearly defined favorites for the victory, any one of these guys is fully capable of achieving results nothing short of excellent.

Other than these guys, there’s always the possibility of an underdog reaching deep into a bag of tricks no one knew existed and pulling out a miracle.

This is what makes the MotoGP so much fun to watch and specially to bet on. is by no means responsible for any financial or other types of losses that may occur as a result of the betting tips presented on these pages. These pages are of a purely informative nature, does not accept any wagers, never did and never will in the future.
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