Motorsport betting reviews

Despite the fact that different motorsports are quite popular from the bettor's point of view, few online betting sites feature comprehensive advice on the matter.

One of the most widely bet-on motorsports is Formula One. With it's huge popularity it's a natural target for the bookies. The World Motorcycle Champioship's motoGP class doesn't lag far behind either in popularity.

Sites that feature lines and odds on the matter are, ( here one can find a pretty exhaustive odds coverage of almost every – more or less popular – motorsport like: NASCAR, Indy Racing, WRC, -one that especially concerns readers of this site: MotoGP - 250cc racing, 125cc, Speedway World Championship, Superbikes etc.). Bet365, betfred and VC bet too feature comprehensive odds on these sports. We'll give a short review of these sites from a motorcycle-enthusiast's point of view on the bottom of this page.

Useful betting guidelines can be found on Puntersrealm, we found their betting stories archive section particularly useful, as far as rock-solid betting information and handicapping guidelines are concerned in Formula One.

This site doesn't just give the odds but it also features something that looks like a race-by-race breakdown of the season, supported with solid reasons for the given odds, and considerations that are apparently the result of thorough handicapping.

Despite the fact that we searched around for a while for similar advice on motorcycle race betting, our search for the term "motoGP betting" failed to yield any useful advice on the matter. Many of the handicapping approaches, puntersrealm uses for F1 though, can also be applied to motoGP betting.

Odds are present on Stanjames, Centrebet and almost every well-established sports betting site, however, actual advice and detailed analysis – like the pages on F1 featured on puntersrealm – are not easy to come by.

We did find an interesting game on regarding motoGP betting. It's called the MotoGP game and all one needs to do is try to guess the top six finishers in the upcoming motoGP race. If one manages to match the race result he/she wins the jackpot. Each entry adds a one pound plus to the jackpot.

It looks like a nice little interesting addition to one's race-watching weekend, exactly the type of thing that we here at like to treat ourselves to.

Our own site features some basic guidelines on its main motorsport betting page, and we do plan to elaborate on the matter in the future, but despite this, betting on motorcycle races is only a minor part of our passion for these great machines and thus, this section will probably remain but a minor part of this website.

Till we get around to post more on the subject, here are a few reviews on sports betting sites that feature odds of our favourite motorsport:

more reviews to be added.......