Founded over ten years ago, Bodog casino and sportsbook has grown to be one of the web's best known ,biggest and most respected online gambling communities. As such it needs no detailed introduction, it's name virtually a guarantee of its fairness.

What we wanted to check out though is not one of its strong-points. With all the diverse features it offers, looking up such specialized information as motorsports odds is still rather easy due to the simple yet very complex user-friendly structure of the site.

Arriving to the motorsports section though, to our surprise we found no direct info linked to any type of motorcycle racing.

It does feature odds on Formula one, Indy racing and NASCAR, with some detailed driver information, but all in all motorcycling information is not really present. We're not saying it's utterly missing, however we were unable to locate any.

The betting process on other motorsports ( like F1 ) is fairly simple, due to its friendly interface and the very well put-together design of the pages. Their betting school does provide a plethoria of useful sports betting information. Its articles on money management, point spread explanation and betting psychology views looked very impressive.

A fully licensed online entertainment company, based in San Jose, Costa Rica, Bodog is the definition of a trustworthy internet gambling company.

The lack of motorcycle related content was a bit disappointing but only because of the fact that it'd be a pleasure to see bike-content on such a great site.