Founded in 1992, Centrebet is an Aussie internet betting company licenced by the Northern Territory Government of Australia.

How well established and reliable it is, I'll leave you to decide for yourselves. I'm only going to say that it's subject to an annual audit and daily supervision by the Government's licensing authority.

Centrebet International Limited, whose susidiary centrebet.com is, is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange.

It has a customer base of around 300.000 people.

But enough about that, let's cut to the chase and see what they have to offer for some motorcycle maniacs like ourselves here at moto-rider.net.

Aussies are good bikers ( Mick Doohan, Garry McCoy, Simon Crafar are only a few world class Aussie biker names which need no further introduction) thus naturally we were expecting there'd be more of an accent put on motorcycle race betting.And we were right.

Right off the main page of their internet site the words MOTOR RACING and - what do you know – MOTOR BIKES catch our attention from their leftmenu.

At a closer inspection however it turns out it's but a single competition of predicting who the winner of the 2006 motoGP season will be, with odds offered on the top 5 riders.

We only browsed the site from a motorcycle-lover user perpective, so we didn't do a down to the bone analysis on it, but any other motorcycle related info was either non existant or too difficult to dig up.

As we were hoping for some relevant advice on handicapping strategies, some race by race season breakdown and so on, we must admit we were a bit let down.

Another great sports betting site with little to offer for us bikers.The site itself is rather exhaustive otherwise, with odds given on such weird things as the Australian Federal Elections.

It says: sport: elections. Never knew elections were a sport....but then again...they could be.

Other motorsports are treated more generously, like Formula One races and the Championship and others.

Great site, great credentials, but with little accent on motorcycles.