Motorcycle Compendium

On these pages we tried to put together a compendium of as many motorcycle makes as we could, though it’s probably not a ‘complete’ compendium, it does contain a staggering number of motorbike makes. Who would’ve thought there were this many…..

AAR - bikes featuring Jawa engines. Built in Finland.
Aaen - motorcycle built by Olav Aaen in 1960.
Abako - German bikes from 1923
ABC - built by All British Engine Company starting with 1913
Algat - small motorcycles, Scooters built in Italy
Alp - Built in England in 1913n nowadays produced in Italy.
Alpino - Italian motorcycle
ABC - 1901 named after The American Bicycle Co.
Abbotsford - motorcycles built in Australia and England
Abendsonne - German motorcycles, built in the 1930s.
Aberdale - British bikes in the 1930s
Abe-Star - built in Japan
Abell - America named after Rollin Abell.
Abingdon - british motorcycles
ABJ -named after A.B Jackson, built in England in 1949
ACE Motorcycles - 1920, Philadelphia
Achilles - Czech motorcycle
Achilles - German motorcycle manufacturer
Ackland - Brit motorbikes
Acme - started in 1902, in England
Acme - 1940, Australia
ADB - American dirt bikes, USA, 1993
Ader - French motorcycle
Adler - German made motorcycles, up to 1958
Aeon - small motorcycles, scooters built in Taiwan
Adma - German motorcycles built between 1924 and 1926
Adriatica - Italian-made grand prix bike, built around 1980
Advance - British bikes.

AEL - British motorcycles
Aeolus - William Brown built these bikes in 1913 in England
ABC - built by A.B.C. Werk, Germany starting with 1922
AER - English bikes
Aermacchi - Built motorcycles between 1950 and 1978 when bought by Cagiva
Aero - built in Australia
AGF - after the Second WW till about 1956, built in France
Agrale - built in Brazil by a Cagiva distributor
Agrati (Garelli) - Scooters made in Italy
Airman - built in America
Airmoto - built in Italy
Airolite - British bike
Ajax -built in the 1930s in England
AJP - Casal-powered motocross bikes built in PortugalAJR England
AJS - British motorcycles built in around 1909
AJW - British motorcycles built in around 1926
Adly -motorcycles, scooters built in Taiwan, in 1978
AKD - also built in England by the Abingdon King Dick Co. (named after a dog)
ABC - built by All British Cycle Co. starting with 1919
Akkens - English motorcycle
Alba - built in Germany from 1919
Albertus - also built in Germany in 1922
Alcyon - French bike, 1904
Alecto - British motorcycle
Alert - British motorcycle
Alfer - Supermoto and enduro motorcycles built in Spain
Alldays - British bikes built around the turn of the century,
Alligator - American motorcycle built by Dan Gurney since 1979. Uses a Honda engine, it’s built to this very day.
Allon - British bike built by Alldays in 1915.
Allright - German motorcycle built till 1926
AMAG - motorcycle built in Switzerland in the 1950's
Amazonas - Amazonas Motocicletas Especiais Ltda. Built around a VW car engine till 1990.
Ambassador - British bike built till 1965
Ambra - The Carl Brandt Motor Company built this motorcycle in Berlin in 1926
AMC - motorcycles built in England by Associated Motor Cycles Ltd.
AMC - American motorcycle, The Allied Motors Corp. built them in 1915
1918 America - American made Harley-Davidson replicas.
America - built in the USA in 1904
Amag - built in Germany in 1924 ( Berlin)
American - American built Harley Davidson replicas,American Cycle Manufacturing Co. made them
American - Built in California (Dirt Bike)
American Eagle - Another bunch of Harley replicas built in 1995.
American Iron Horse - Harley clones, America
American King V - motorcycles with Chevy engines, America
American Quantum - Harley replicas, USA
American Rocket - 1950s American motorcycles
AMI Germany, 1921 - 1925, AMI-Auto-Motoren-Ind. Berlin
Ammon - German motorcycles built by Ammon & Co. Berlin in 1925
AMO - German bikes built in the 20s and 50s
American Eagle - Built in the USA in around 1968
Ancilotti - Spain, built in 1967
Andrees - German motorcycles built in the 20s
Anker - built in Germany in 1949
Anthony - American motorbikes
A.P. - America,1901
Apache - America, built in 1909
Apfelbeck - built by Ludwig Apfelbeck these were speedway racers.
Apollo - Swedish bikes in the 50s
Aprilia - Italian motorcycle company. They produce bikes to the present day, participate in many international competitions
AR - built in the states in 1997 around Yamaha 650 engines.
AMS - Spanish bikes built in around 1958
Arco - German bikes
Ardie - old German make, from 1919 produced motorcycles till well after the Second WW.
Argeo - German motorbikes by Argeo Fahrzeugwerk Berlin
Argyle - built in America by C&E Manufacturing, scooters.
Ariel - English bike built since 1898 till 1965
Aristos - built by Aristos Motorfahrzeugwerke Berlin, till 1924
Armac - American motorcycles used today by the armed forces of several countries
Arrow - built in Chicago in 1910
Arrow - Harley replicas built in Canada
Ascot - built in Britain in 1905
ASL - built in England
Arbinet - built in France in around 1915
Aspes - Italian bikes
Astoria - built in Italy, in around 1952 by Virginio Fieschi
Astra - Italian motorcycle
Atala - Italian scooters.
Atco - America 1912, by the Auto Trading Co.
ATK - big American offroad motorcycle company
Atlantic - German motorbikes built in the 20s
Autoflug - German-built motorcycles.
Atomette - Weird looking English 3 wheeler ( 2 wheels in front)
Auranthetic - American electric motorcycles built in the 70s.
Aurora - American make, built by Aurora Automatic Machine Co.
Aussi - Australian bikes
Austin - 1868 American Steam bike.
Austria - Austrian motorcycle built in 1925
Auto-Bi - American bikes built by E.R. Thomas in Buffalo.
Auto-Bike - American motorcycles
Autocylette - bikes built by Autocylette Manufacturing and Sales Corp. in the USA
Autoette - American motorbike
AWO - German machines aka AWO Simpson pretty widespread in Europe at the time..
Autoglide - American bikes
Autoglider - British bikes
Autoped - Ancient (1926) Scooters, built by the Autoped Company of America
AutoMoto - French bikes during the 1930's
Avanti - Indian machines built by Monto Motors
Avenger - American motorcycle built by American Dirt Bike
AVG - American three wheeler motorcycles