Motorcycle Compendium

Baier - German bikes by Baier-Motorenbau Berlin
Blake - Australian motorcylclesAustralia, 1919
Bakker - Dutch motorbikes
BAM - German bikes
Barb - motorcycles built in Australia
Barigo - French machines
Barnsley - 1890s British make.
Barr - Steam engine bike
Bartali - Italian make
Bastert - German, Scooters made right after the Second WW.
Bat - British make
Batavus - Dutch bicycle maker turned motorcycle manufacturer in around 1930
Bayern - German motorcycle 1926
Bayley - American bikes from 1917
B&D - Czech bikes
Beard & Able - American make
Beare Australia - a six stroke powerplant based on a Ducati V-Twin.
Beau Ideal - small motorcycles built by Beau Ideal Cycle company around 1905 in England
Be-Be - German motorcycles - around 1925.
Beeston - British machines
Bellini - built in Italy by Paolo Bellini,
Babetta - Jawa mopeds
Bercley - Belgian bike built in around 1907 by Gustave Kindermann
Bergfex - German motorcycles built in around 1907
Berini - small Dutch motorcycles
Bohmerland - Czech bikes. First electric-starter motorcycles
Bernadet - French scooters
Beta - Italian bikes, around 1904

BFG - French attempt at creating a 1300 bike powered by a car engine, in 1980
Bianchi - Ancient Italian bike builder, started in 1897 by Eduardo Bianchi.
Bi-Auto Go - American Two-Wheel car. Retractable “training wheel
Bi-Car - American four cylinder vehicle
Big Brute - Chevy V8 and V6 powered bikes, Canadian.
Big Buffalo - Another Chevy V8 motorcycle built by Güstrow Motocycle GmbH, Germany
Big Dog - American Harley Davidson replicas by Big Dog® Motorcycles L.L.C.
Binks - British bikes from the turn of the century
Bismarck - German motorcycles built till 1956
Bleha - German motorbikes
BMW - Bayerische Motoren Werke, famous brand of German motorcycles
Boar - American Harley Davidson replicas
Boge - German bikes
Bohme - motorcycles by Dr. Martin Bohme, Germany
Benelli - built in 1911 in Italy.
Bond England - British scooters in the 50s
Boom - German trikes with VW engines
Bajaj - Indian company started in 1959
Badger - American motorcycles
Borile - Italian motorbikes, 2000
Boss Hoss - American Chevy V8 bikes
Bourget - American Harley Davidson replicas.
Bovy - Belgian motorbikes around 1930
Bown -built autocycles in Britain
Boxer - French machines
Blata - small motorcycles and scooters, Italy
Bleha -German bikes
Blucher - German motorcycles around 1936
Butler Petrol-Cycle - British trike, 1884
Blue Bird - motorcycles built in Australia in 1920
BM - Czech Speedway machines
Bohme -German motorbikes till 1930
Bombardier - Canadian motorcycles
Borile - Italian offroad bikes
Bradbury - English motorbikes built starting with
Brand - aka B&S, built in Berlin, Germany
Breeze - Built in America by Breeze Motor Company
Brennabor - Built in Brandenburg, Germany in around 1910
Bridgestone - Japanese bikes built up to 1971
Britten - High tech bikes built in New Zealand by John Britten
Brondoit - Belgian motorcycle
Brough-Superior - Built by George Brough in England starting with 1921 Considerd the two-wheel equivalent of a Rolls Royce.
BSA Regal - built in England by William Colquhoun
Bucker Germany- German motorcycles ( built mainly frames)
Buell - American roadracers with Harley Davidson engines, you can find a couple of these in the gallery section.
Buffalo - American bikes built by The Buffalo Motorcycle Works Corp
Bull Dog - British bikes
Bullock - Australian motorcycles
Brandenburg - turn-of-the-century American bikes
Bultaco - Founded in Spain by Francisco Bulto in 1958, motoGP rider, Sete Gibernau’s grandfather
Butterfield (Willis 4) - American motorcycles from the 70's