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Motorcycle Compendium

Moto Guzzi - Italian motorcycle make that needs no introduction, read the Moto Guzzi history in out ‘History Files” section
Maico - motorbikes built in Germany in 1987
Merkel - Motorcycle built in America by Joseph Merkel renowned for its famous Merkel Wheel
Mesco - motorcycles built in America in about 1905
Malaguti - Italian small capacity bikes, strong presence in the 125cc class of the WMC
Malanca - motorbikes built in Italy between 1956 - 1986
Maico - Dutch Dirt Bike manufacturer, produced bikes to this very day.
Majestic - motorcycles built in France
Maltby - motorcycles built in the USA by Maltby Automobile and Manufacturing Co
Malvern Star - motorcycles built in Australia
Manco - American minimotos
Manet - motorcycles built in Czechoslovakia, in 1947
Manson - motorbikes built in America in 1908
Mars - German motorcycles
Marsh - bikes built in America
Martinsyde - British motorcycles
Minsk - motorcycles that were initially built in Poland, then in Belarus
Marusho - built in Japan in 1967 by Marusho Motorcycle Industrial Co
Mas - Italian motorcycles
Mazzilli - Italian bikes
MB - motorcycles built in America in 1920
MBK - French scooter manufacturer
MBS - Germany, they make a 650cc sport in 2001
MCC - Harley Davidson replicas built in America by the Minneapolis Custom Cycle
McEvoy - built in Britain by Michael McEvoy.
McKenzie - England, 1920's?
Meadowbrook - bikes buit in America by the Meadowbrook Cycle Co.
Mears - motorcycles built in America by The Mears Cycle Machine Co.
Mega - Chevy powered V8 bikes built in Germany
Megola - motorcycles with a peculiar design built in Germany in 1925
Meier BAC - bikes built in France between 1925 - 1938 by Louis Bac
Meguro - Japanese motorcycle manufacturer merged with Kawasaki
Meray - Hungarian motorcycles built around 1936
Mercier - French machines
Mercury - motorcycles built in 1956 in England by Mercury Industries
Metz - motorcycles built in the USA in the early 1900s by Charles Metz
M.G.C. - motorcycles built in France by Marcel Guiguet
Miami - built in America at the turn of the century by Miami Cycle Co.
Michaux-Perreaux Steam Velocipede - built in France in 1869.
Micro-Machine - Brazilian motorcycle make
Midget Bicar -motorcycle built in England in 1904
Midual - motorcycles built in France starting with 1992
Miele - built in Germany in 1962
Militaire - motorcycles built in America by Militaire Auto Co
Militor - American motorcycle make, 1924
Miller - Harry Miller built what’s regarded as possibly the first gas powered motorcycle in the U.S.
Minarelli - Italian small capacity racers
Mars - bikes built in England in 1921
Majestic - built in England in 1935
Minerva - Belgian motorcycles built by Joseph and Thomas Gough
Minneapolis - motorcycles built in America in 1913
Mirage - Harley Davidson replicas built in Canada
Mival - mopeds built in Italy
MM - motorcycles built in Italy aka 'Morini Mezetti'
Mobylette - French motorcycles built in 1950
Modenas - Motorcycles built in Malaysia
Moj - motorbikes built in Poland in 1937
Monarch - Built in America by the Ives Motorcycle Corp
Matchless - British motorcycles
Monark - Swedish motorbikes built in 1926
Mon-Auto - minibike built in America in 1920 by The Gibson Mon-Auto Company
Mondial - Italian manufacturer built bikes between 1948 and 1960.
Monet-Goyon - motorcycles built in France
Montgomery - built in Britain in 1920
Montgomery-Ward - American motorcycle seller ( sold Benelli and Gilera )
Monotrace - motorcycles built in France in the 20s
Moore - motorcycle built in America in 1917
Morbidelli - Italian GP motorcycles built by Giancarlo Morbidelli
Morgan - British trike built during the 30s
Morini Mezetti - Italian motorcycles, aka 'MM' built by Mario Mezetti and Alfonso Morini
Morris-Corkhill - American motorbikes built by the Morris and Corkhill Motor Cycle Co.
Moser - Swiss motorcycles built in 1905
Moskva - Russian machines
Mostyn - machines built in Australia by the Mostyn Cycle Works in the 20s
Motobecane - these motorcycles were built in France in 1983 aka Motoconfort
Moto Gori - Italian motorbikes buily in 1971
Motom - motorbikes built in Italy in 1970
Moto Martin - French motorcycles
Moto Morini - Italian motorcycles built by Alfonso Morini in Bologna starting with 1937
Motopede - American motorcycles built by George Wacker
Moto-Reve - Swiss motorcycle manufacturer with Italian and British connections
Motosacoche - motorcycles built in Switzerland by "Motosacoche SA" , a company founded by Henri and Armand Dufaux
Mabeco - German motorcycles
Mototrans - motorcycles built in Spain in 1957
Montesa - motorcycles built in Spain in 1944
Mustang - American motorbikes 1965
Moto-villa - Italian motorcycles
M-Star - motorcycle make related to Maico
Munch - motorcycles built in Germany in 1966
MuZ - German made motorcycles ( aftrer WWII)
MV Agusta - Italian motorcycle make bought by Cagiva
MZ - German motorcycles. The name comes from ‘Motorrad-und Zweiradwerk’
Mobra - Romanian built small capacity motorbikes, made during the 80s.