Motorcycle Compendium

Suzuki - a Japanese make that probably needs no further introduction. They build motorcycles since 1952
Sachs - Giant German motorcycle manufacturer. Bought Hercules, Victoria, Express and DKW.
Sadran - Spanish motorcycles
Salsbury - scooters built in America in the 40s
Stratton - American motorcycles built in 1901by Stratton Motor Bicycle Co.
Stricker - German motorcycle make
Sarolea - motorbikes built in Belgium in 1896
Styria - Austrian motorbikes built by Puch
Sanglas - motorcycles used by the Spanish police built in the 40s and 50s bought by Yamaha
Sanyang - Taiwanese motorcycles built by Sanyang
Sar - German motorbikes
Sar - Italian machines between 1920 - 1926
Saxonette - german rear-wheel assemblies sold as options for different motorbikes, built by The Schweinfurterwerke
SBM - American motorcycles
Schickel - bikes built in America in 1924 by Schickel Motor Co.
Schliha -German motorcycles built in the 30s
Schuttoff - German motorcycle manufacturer bought off DKW
Scootamota - British motorcycles built in 1919 also sold in America
Scorpa - French trial motorcycles since 1992
SD - American made motorcycles built in 1911by George Dewald
Sears - they sold motorcycles in America in1910.
Seeley - British racers
Segale - Italian motorcycles
Sertum - Italian motorcycle manufacturer founded by Fausto Alberti in 1922
SFM - Polish motorcycles 1965
Shacklock - British motorctcle built in 1916

Shang Wei - Electric-powered scooters built in Taiwan
Shaw - American motorcycles built by The Shaw Mfg. in 1914
She-Lung - Another Taiwanese electric-scooter builder
Sherco - Spanish trial bikes built in 1999
Shin-Meiwa - Japanese motorcycles
Shin San Tong - Taiwanese minimoto builder 1969 -1972
SHL - motorbikes manufactured in Poland in1970 by Suchedniowska Huta Ludwikow
Silk - British motorcycle manufacturer till 1979
Silver Pigeon - Japanese bikes built by Mitsubishi
Simo - Spanish motorcycles
Simplex - American Scooter builder Servi-Cycle made bikes till about 1975
Simplex - British motorcycles
Scott - motorcycles built in England since 1908 by Alfred A. Scott
Simpson - Wildly popular German motorcycles built between 1949 - 1961
Sinclair - English machines
Singer - motorcycle builder in Hillfields England
Skootmobile - American motorcycles
Sampson - Australian motorbikes built in the 20s
SM - Polish motorcycles
Smart - bikes built in France in 1927
Skipee - Prototype electric powered trike, Australia
Smith Motor Wheel - Drive wheels built by the A.O. Smith Co in America
Snob - German motorbikes between 1921 - 1925
Sojuz - made in Russia
Sokol - Polish bikes of the 20s
Solex - Originally French motorcycles now built in Hungary
Solvay - French machines built in the early 1900s
Spacke - American motorcycles built in 1913 by Spacke Machine Co.
Spagthorpe - British bikes
Sparkbrook - British motorbikes built in 1912
Sparta - Dutch motorcycle aka Spartamet Dutch, small capacity bikes, 50s
Sprite - British motoX racers built during the 60s and 70s
Spondon - bikes built in England
Standard - German motorbikes built in 1924
Stearns - American motorbikes
Steed - American Harley Davidson replicas
Steffey - American motorcycles built in the 1900s
Stellar - American minimotos built in 1973
Stevens - The Stevens brothers built motorcycles in England through their Stevens Brothers Ltd. in 1934
Stewart - Scooters built in New Zealand
Stock - motorbikes built in Germany
Stylson - French machines built during the 30s
Sundiro - motorcycles made by Hainan Sundiro Motorcycle Corporation
Sun - British bikes built by The Sun Cycle & Fittings Co. Ltd
Sun - small capacity motorcycles built in England in the 50s
Sunbeam - motorcycles built in England by the John Marston Ltd, used by the armies of several nations
Superia - Belgian motorcycles built in the 60s
Super-X - American motorcycles built by The American Excelsior company
Stanger - Built motorcycles in England in 1924
Star - British motorcycles built in 1913
Svalan - Swedish brand built in the 50s
SVM - Italian manufacturer
SWM - Italian motorcycles between 1953 - 1984