Founded by Mark Reid in 1996 International All Sports Limited is Australia's first fully licenced publicly traded internet-based bookmaker.

With their headquarters in a giant skyscraper in Melbourne and with a turnaround of 750 million dollars in 2004-2005 this company would look like a big fish in just about every pond you can think of.

24/7 professional customer service is available and in a word no internet bookmaking operation could ever get more serios than IASbet.

Given the great motorcycle history of the continent down under, we figured there'd be at least a few different superbike and other motorcycle Championships one can bet on at their site. We've given up on the thought of looking for articles on the matter, as it seems like - despite the fact that pretty much every type of motorracing is widely bet on - nobody really wants or likes to talk about motorcycle race betting and the handicapping associated with it.

Their motorsport betting section features the usual Formula one, NASCAR and V8 Supercars betting, but we were glad to see they also offered odds on the 2006 World Motorcycling championship overall winner.

Other than that, no motorcycle related betting at all. Those who come here hoping to bet on exotic types of motorcycle racing like the superside sidecar championship will probably have to look for another bookie or ask around a bit, with a company like IASbet you never know where a world class motoracing handicapper might pop out of.

The impression about the site is that of utter professionalism, the myriad of opportunities for betting on other sports is almost dazzling, however the almost complete lack of any motorcycle related content would probably leave motorcycle junkies a bit disappointed.

Under the promising title "Motor" in the leftmenu we were only able to find this wee little betting opportunity, which, by the way, is also offered by other sites. An interesting feature though is the 'free bet'. One can place a bet just for the heck of it, and while this can be great fun it can also be a useful means of chiseling the old handicapping skills with no real money on the line.

Verdict: huge,serious, professional, operation. Doesn't really have it for motorcycles.