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Even though their website seems a bit difficult to navigate and they may not have the far-back reaching roots that other big internet sportsbooks present, if one’s looking for information on motorcycle race betting, motorsports betting or simply any other sports betting puntersrealm.com is the place to go.

We couldn’t find an “about” section on the site’s homepage - which makes it impossible to know who really run the operation - the motto”Free bets , free betting tips” proves to be entirely true, and because of it , this might be just the site we were looking for.

They do offer odds on a variety of sports, amongst which motorsports take a lead role. Not only did we find the usual odds on motoGP, but 250cc racing and Superbike are also featured.

The free betting section they run, can be used to practice one’s handicapping skills before actually going for the kill.

The section we liked most was the “Betting Stories Archive” section. The name itself promises much, because what better way is there to sharpen one’s betting skills than to actually read up on what others did wrong before?

Once inside the “Betting Stories Archive” doesn’t disappoint. Though there’s litte direct motorcycling related content on it the stories related to motorsports can be applied to motorcycle racing as well to a certain extent..

The race by race season breakdown they have on Formula One is especially captivating and it can prove to be a priceless motorsports handicapping tool.

Bottom line about puntersrealm is: the abundance of articles on this site make it a valuable source of information for everybody who plans to take up online betting. Their content is massive, all we were a little bit bothered by was the lack of any information regarding the authors. On second thought though, as the site is really difficult to navigate, that info might be somewhere there too, hidden in the ocean of content they offer.