Victor Chandler betting is one of the oldest and in the sametime greatest sportbooks ever. It has a 60 year history to look back on. I’m not going to discuss whether the company is trustworthy or not, because based on information from the following short presentation, you’ll be well able to decide that for yourself.

The Walthamstow Greyhound Stadium was founded in 1925 by William Chandler, a venue still in posession of the Chandlers to this very day. Victor Chandler’s father, Victor Chandler Sr. created the company in its present form.

Soon he became the most well-known bookie in the south of England.

It was in the 1990s that Victor Chandler began to realize the potential in foreign markets, taking bets from far Asian customers, and later opening an office in Antigua.

In 1999 the company moved to Gibraltar and thus - free of the 9% british tax on gambling - soon became the largest employer of the Rock (350 people are currently working for them).

Always recognizing the advantages of technology the company established a massive online presence, today being one of the most trusted and ever-present internet based sportbooks.

Because of the comany’s British roots and because of the fact that motorcycling has always been huge in Britain and in Western Europe, we figured their website would probably reflect this.

Having separate buttons in their leftmenu, motorsports in general and motorcycling in particular. Though actual motorcycling betting is limited to 2006 overall motoGP champion odds, the simple, and easy to navigate design of the site makes it a pleasure to behold. We found the little help section right under the events list a welcome addition as not everybody using these pages is a die-hard bettor and a litte help here and there never hurt anyone.

Again a whole array of different sports are present on the site, with our favourite reduced only to the above mentioned event. We were really hoping for some British Superbike odds but the site - despite not having it - didn’t disappoint. The section “Motorcycling” seemed a bit empty with only this event in it, giving hope that maybe there’ll be others posted in the future.